Throughput = breakthrough = movement. A ray of light creates movement for a family stuck.

Generational Throughput. A family's succession plan stalls for years: all other advisors had been solving the wrong problem.

WOW! Internet, Cable and Phone. Who'd have thought, in an industry ridiculed as worse than the IRS in customer service, and whose players are choked daily by rampant price driven competition, a small new entrant, initially hobbled by its own structural and interpersonal conflict, would be able to break through and thrive.

“There was no integration. The traditional issues between corporate and the field and satellite offices complicated things”, said Colleen Abdoulah, the CEO of the regional Internet, Cable and Telephony company recalled. She added: “It was them against us. Performance was not meeting plan, we were losing customers. Energy and passion and enthusiasm were lacking. People were tired, beaten up, confused, concerned, pointing fingers. All the things human nature brings out in a stressful situation. With the new Throughput Service Structure©, the stress of the chaotic environment was eliminated. It created a sense of hope and positive energy.

It’s like flipping a switch. Fortune 500 CIO and VP finds Throughput from chaos.

Throughput is healthy. A 400 bed hospital looks to its team to cut costs by $13 million over three years.