HSM’s 2011 World Innovation Forum, held earlier this month, focused on creating a culture of innovation. When allowed the time and room to develop new ideas, employees will be motivated to design their own approaches to their work and ultimately make breakthroughs within the company. Creative solutions are made in a business environment that fosters open thinking. However, is a culture that supports innovation enough?

When you develop a culture of throughput, you create innovation with a purpose. Companies that adopt a culture of throughput zero in on service flow and invite employees to develop innovations that is mindful of the company’s structure. Those who know where their roles are in service to the customer will be able to recognize smaller blockages in flow and be motivated to alleviate them on their own.

News outlets are bursting with news about the new iPhone 5. It’s slim and sleek, like the current iPhone touch, with a big touch screen and outsized home button. Pictures of the design are circulated throughout the internet, and there is speculation that it will debut as early as September. But don’t go running to your local Apple store yet: the company hasn’t even announced the production of the iPhone

This week, the American Customer Service Index released its yearly report of customer satisfaction summaries for all wireless communications companies. Telecommunication’s satisfaction is down overall in 2011, but it’s AT&T, the largest of them all, ranking last … a low unseen since the release of the iPhone. With bottlenecks at nearly every point of their service contact, it’s easy to see why customers, though loving the iPhone, are unhappy with

Throughput lessons from the faltering airline industry will keep your company soaring.

These days, you cannot turn on a news show, open a magazine, or spend too long on the internet before you run into another update of unhinged celebrity Charlie Sheen’s erratic and disturbing antics. Hot on the heels of Sheen’s 20/20 interview, where he claimed to having “tiger blood and Adonis DNA,” the recently-fired Two and a Half Men star opened a Twitter account. The result was a Guinness World

America’s Rust Belt is deeply imperiled. With many steel, automotive, and manufacturing companies outsourcing jobs to cut costs and boost profit, many blue-collar workers have been left to the suffer the loss. Places like Youngstown, Detroit, and Pittsburgh, once bastions of American industry, are crippled by job loss and have faced radical declines in urban infrastructure. And, those are the big cities: satellite towns around these cities are facing a

Every two weeks, I make the trek to my local grocery chain to pick up my kitchen basics. After walking down aisle after aisle and sifting through to find my favorites, I come to my largest dilemma. Standing in the checkout, I have a choice: do I brave the line, or go to self-service? This mental debate is about finding the quickest and most efficient way to accomplish the task

Last week saw two major shake-ups high up in the technology industry, and big names will soon have new leaders.  Hewlett Packard’s attempt to bring in new faces after scandal forced former CEO Mark Hurd out of the company seems too little too late. In contrast, Google co-founder Larry Page’s surprise rise into the CEO position in place of Eric Schmidt is galvanizing the search-engine giant to take on looming

Assume we must move … the rest is just strategy

How did homeland security miss this one? The answer is Throughput®.